HALOS of the St. Croix Valley 

We are a Non-Profit Foundation supporting 

families through the loss of a child 

Emergency Line: (651) 504-4256

                         Non-Emergency Line: (651) 504-4254

We are often asked "how can we help?" or "what do you need?" here is a list of items we use regularly should you wish to purchase these items instead of donating monetary gifts.  

2018 Wish List

Office Supplies:

Printer Paper


Envelopes - All sizes (White and Manilla)

Large Rubbermaid Containers

3 Ring Binders 1 ½ inch

Laminating Sheets

Funeral Service Support:

Gift Cards - Grocery Store, Walmart, Michael's, *Shoots-n-Stems Floral Shop

12 pk Votive Candles (Mainstays/Walmart)

12 Inch Balloons - Individual Bags of Solid Colors

Roaster Pans Liners

Freezer Bags - Multiple Sizes

Modge Podge

Scrapbook Paper (book of sheets)

Food Saver

Food Saver Bags

Paint Brushes (Foam)

Tablecloths Linen - (8ft pastel pink, pastel blue, grey, yellow)


Easel’s (Hobby Lobby/Michael’s - for funerals and events)

Balloon Ribbon (White)

Frames for photos Belmont 18x24 in White, Black or Grey found at Michael's - BIG NEED

Family Support:

Tear Drop Necklace *I spoke to Danielle who makes our tear drop necklaces for each family (we pay $15 per necklace) and she said that she would allow people to purchase a gift card from her, towards the necklaces. They can order a gift card via FB by searching: InHISImage828

Hub 70 (Located in River Falls, WI)  Gift Card - Printing for Memorial Cards

Owlet Monitors

Fetal Dopplers


Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Flash Drives

Memory Cards

Annual Subscription to Shootproof (our family photo sharing/storing site)

Little Angel Baskets:

Books: Heaven Is For Real and Mommy Was *Having A Baby But Had An Angel Instead

Pacifiers (gender specific and yellow/green)

Lavender Soap

Lavender Essential Oil

**Should you find something that comforted you through your loss that you would like to add to our baskets, let us know! You can also donate something that helped you, such as a special book, or lotions, if we do not include it.


Gas Gift Cards - for Volunteers 

Gift Cards for Local Restaurants in New Richmond to feed our Volunteers on Volunteer Nights

Latex Medical Grade Gloves


Paper Plates

12pk Pop

Bulk Relish, Ketchup, Mustard


Paper Towels

Paint Markers

Chalk Markers

Coffee K-Cups

Insulated Cups

Solo Cups

Silverware - Plastic

Silver serving Utensils

Crock Pots

Quality Knives

Tongs (Large and small)

Cutting Boards