HALOS of the St. Croix Valley 

We are a Non-Profit Foundation supporting 

families through the loss of a child 

Emergency Line: (651) 504-4256

                         Non-Emergency Line: (651) 504-4254



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To request support services, a parent must complete our
Family Support Request Form:

How can we help?
All of our support services are FREE of charge to a family suffering from the loss of a child through 20 years of age. Below you will see a list of many of our support services.



We provide Memorial Photography to families.

Our volunteer, professional photographers are able to help families capture those last precious moments with their child as well as assist in capturing their beautiful memorial service, so that they may have those moments to treasure the rest of their lifetime.

Medical staff, please contact our photography coordinator at

1-866-411-HALO Ext. 5

Caskets & Urns

We are able to provide beautiful caskets and urns for children. Each casket and urn are individually selected by the family with our assistance.


Casket Sprays & Urn Arrangements

Providing beautiful casket sprays & urn arrangements from parents

Personalized Memorial Cards

Free personalized memorial cards for your child's memorial service.

Each child receives an original design from the information the family provides to us about their child.


Angel Gowns

Sewn with love by volunteer seamstresses, donated wedding gowns are used to create beautiful Angel gowns for families suffering the loss of a baby.

It is an honor for us to provide gowns free of charge to any family requesting our Angel Gowns.

If you are interested in volunteering as a seamstress with our Angel Gown program, please visit our Volunteer tab and fill out the form.

Littlest Angel Box

Certificate of Life

Ink Print & Poem Angel Beaded Keepsake

Miscarriage Journal

Random Act of Kindness Card

Tube for Heartbeat Strip


Embroidered Hankerchief


Halos Early Loss Project (H.E.L.P.)
HELP is essential to the validity, respect, and honored life of early loss (under 20 weeks of gestation) in our community, how a mother will thrive mentally and emotionally after loss, and to her support system and how they value life in its most precious and fragile state.

We are currently in the process of creating Lullabye Lane in conjuction with the City of New Richmond, where we will soon be able to offer cemetery plots for these babies,. We have already secured the transportation and safe keeping of these fragile lives until cremation or burial, along with securing our partnership with the hospital and funeral home.

Miscarriage Kit

This miscarriage kit is to be used after you have found that your baby has died but you have not delivered yet.

"Little Angel" Healing Boxes

(for families that have lost a baby from 15 Weeks Gestation - infant)

-offered at local area hospitals..

-can also be brought to any local home or funeral home with just a phone call to us.

*These boxes have a few time sensitive materials in them, so we encourage a call as soon as possible.

Hand & Foot Molds

We are able to create beautiful hand a foot molds at the funeral home. This must happen before cremation or burial.


*Currently unavailable Due to Covid-19*

With the help of our amazing volunteers and community we are able to provide bars/cookies for your child's memorial service.

If the service is not within a 10 mile radius of our office they must be picked up.

Unique Personal Touches

We encourage families to personalize their child's memorial service with their own unique touches.

Books *Some books are offered in our Angel Box)
We offer many beautiful books free of charge that help families when they are grieving together for their child/sibling.
-We Were Gonna Have A Baby, But Had An Angel Instead

-Heaven Is For Real

-Strong and Tender

-The Shack

-Perfectly Imperfect Family

and many more....

Aftercare Support Resources

Grief Support Companion:

A Grief Support Companion is a bereaved parent who is wanting to provide informal support and friendship to another more recently bereaved parent. It offers you and another parent an opportunity to share your grief and experiences together, to 'walk alongside' one another and in this way be a listening ear and an understanding 'friend'. Halos will initially get you connected and then the contact may be by phone, in person, email and/or FaceTime, whatever suits you both.

Virtual Support Sessions
Providing bereaved parents with a safe place to connect with other bereaved parents from the comfort of their own home.

Sessions are led by Joy Salano, MA LPC, of Family Therapy Associates in New Richmond.

Sessions are conducted in a group of 6 and will take place on an encrypted, HIPPA approved link.

Memorial Stone Assistance:

We work closely with Melgard Monument for memorial stones. Please mention you were referred by Halos if you choose to work with them for your child's memorial marker. Once you have paid in full, we are able to give you 10% back.

You must complete the form below, so that we have the information to send out your check, once we receive payment from Melgard Monument. Once we receive your information, we will be in contact with you for your discount.


Faith's Lodge Assistance

Faith's Lodge mission is to provide a place where parents and families facing the serious illness or loss of a child can retreat to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future. If families are interested, we can help cover the cost of their stay.


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