HALOS of the St. Croix Valley 

We are a Non-Profit Foundation supporting 

families through the loss of a child 

Emergency Line: (651) 504-4256

                         Non-Emergency Line: (651) 504-4254

Pennies for Heaven

How are your Pennies for Heaven going? We hope your child is having fun collecting those pennies!! If your child hasn’t signed up yet, we welcome them to get started! They can even have their friends at school help them, be creative, share your success on this page with us so we can all cheer them on! And use the hashtag: #pennies4heaven2018 when posting so we can find your posts! We will have something special for all of the children who participate, so make sure they sign up using our form! 🧡

We have all heard of Pennies FROM Heaven, well we want to use those special little copper coins, to help those families saying goodbye to their children entering heaven. For 2018, we invite you to join us by collecting pennies! They may be collected in jars, bags, any kind of container you can find. On August 4th, we ask that you bring them down to our annual memorial walk at Lakefront Park in Hudson. We will have a unique way for you to donate your pennies, to show just how much we can make a difference together!

If your child would like to join in please fill out this form so we can keep track of who is participating - this is so we can make sure we have enough prizes in August:


And we can email you with any updates we should have about the program!

We would like to Welcome Pennies for Heaven Teams:

  • Cody & Kimber for Team Chase
  • Adalynn for Team Ashlynn
  • Mya Hamilton, Mataya, Rylee & Ayla Pavlich for Team Brody
  • Keller for Team Liam Joseph
  • Maralyn Boettcher for Team Dayton Hakes
  • Aubrey Grajeda for Team Our Son & Brother, Charles Dean Grajeda
  • Kaellie, Weston, Sienna, Evelyn, Thatcher, Lorelei for Team Caleb David and Norah Grace
  • Parker and Ryan for Team Brett Mueller
  • Noah for Team Marshall and Addam
  • Kamren for Chloe and Connor
  • Korbin, Cooper and Remmi for Team Raven
  • Nevaeh and Devon for Team Josie Lehnartz
  • Ben, Zach and Nate Smitley for Team Hazel Mae
  • Prescott Grandchildren for Team Collin and Zaylee Fitgerald
  • Jackson Kirkpatrick for All little Angels
  • Brinley for Henry Michael Szymanski
  • Manny & Sam Gale for Elijah Ray James Gale
  • Mason Harmdierks for Sanden Voorhees
  • AJ Voorhees for Sanden Voorhees 
  • Grace and Emma for  Tiana Lynn Cummings
  • Easton Spreiter for  Josie Lehnartz