HALOS of the St. Croix Valley 

We are a Non-Profit Foundation supporting 

families through the loss of a child 

Emergency Line: (651) 504-4256

                         Non-Emergency Line: (651) 504-4254

                   For immediate support for a family in need, please call us at:



- Please select press the extension for the area in which you live - 

ext. 1 - Western Wisconsin

ext. 2 - East Metro

ext. 3 - West Metro

ext. 4 - Chippewa Valley
Answered 8am to 10pm

How can we help?
All of our support services are FREE of charge to a family grieving the loss of a child.

"Little Angel" Healing Baskets

(for families that have lost a baby)

-offered at local area hospitals..

-can also be brought to any local home or funeral home with just a phone call to us.

*These baskets have a few time sensitive materials in them.

Provide Hand & Foot Molds

*We will do these at the funeral home before burial or cremation.

Memorial Cards

Free personalized memorial cards for your child's memorial service.

Each child receives an original design from the information the family provides to us about their child.

Memorial Cards designed by our graphic designer Marti Rasmussen.


Memorial Photography

Providing Memorial Photography to families.

Our photographers are able to help families capture those last precious moments with their child as well as assist in capturing their beautiful memorial service., so that they may have those moments to treasure the rest of their lifetime.

Casket Assistance
Helping to provide beautiful handmade caskets for children, free of charge. These caskets come, from the monks of New Melleray Abbey.

Angel Gowns

Sewn with love by volunteer seamstresses, donated wedding gowns are used to create beautiful Angel gowns for families grieving the death of their child.

It is an honor for us to provide gowns free of charge to any family requesting our Angel Gowns.

If you are interested in volunteering to make joining our Angel Gown program visit our Volunteer tab and fill out the form.

If you would like to donate a dress you can email us.

We offer many beautiful books free of charge that help families when they are grieving together for their child/sibling.
-We Were Gonna Have A Baby, But Had An Angel Instead

-Heaven Is For Real

-Strong and Tender

and many more....


With the help of our amazing volunteers/followers we are able to provide a luncheon at your angel's memorial service. Generally we can provide hotdish and desserts. We can also accommodate to any special dietary needs.

We have do have a volunteer cater who can help, should we need to have a license, as some places require that.


We provide personalized "themed" cupcakes for your child's visitation/memorial service.

Teardrop Necklace

Provide personalized teardrop necklaces to mother's of child-loss.

Memory Bracelets

Provide personalized Memory Bracelets to a mother or father of child-loss.

We have Teamed up with Tricia Buchanan and Purdy Dental, to offer these beautiful keepsake bracelets to parents. They are handmade from aluminum and may include up to 45 characters.

Memorial Stone Assistance

We work closely with Melgard Monument for memorial stones. Please mention you were referred by Halos if you choose to work with them!


Faith's Lodge Assistance

Faith's Lodge mission is to provide a place where parents and families facing the serious illness or loss of a child can retreat to reflect on the past, renew strength for the present and build hope for the future. If families are interested, we can help cover the cost of their stay.


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