HALOS of the St. Croix Valley 

We are a Non-Profit Foundation supporting 

families through the loss of a child 

Emergency Line: (651) 504-4256

                         Non-Emergency Line: (651) 504-4254

We are always in need of amazing, caring, passionate volunteers!  
Here are some of our most urgent needs currently, if you are interested in joining our team, email us directly at Halos with which opportunity you are interested in and we will get back to you within 24 hours to set up an interview!

*URGENT NEED* On Call Representative:

This position would be great for someone who can take calls anytime during the day from 7:30am to 10:00pm at night.  

  • Takes Emergency Line calls on a rotating schedule. (We use a Google Voice phone number)
  • Will take families information in detail: Mom & Dad’s name, a number to reach them, email, child’s name, etc.
  • Will provide in detail ALL our support resources.  And walk them through any questions they have about them.
  • Let them know that we will have a Case Manager assigned to them, who will be following up with them. 
  • All training and resources provided.   

*URGENT NEED* Case Manager: (Formally called "On Call Volunteer")
(Requirement for this position is that you are a parent who has lost a child)
This position would be great for someone who is retired, has children in school, stay-at-home mom, or has a flexible work schedule or understanding employer. This position is why we are here, and the most in depth, this position requires passion for families dealing with the same feelings of loss you once faced.  If you are looking to touch lives in the most profound way through Halos, this is the job for you!
  • Takes calls from ON CALL and is assigned a family to support.
  • Takes families as they come in, you are on a list, and as families come in we will go down the list to assign families to those on our Case Managers list.
  • Calls families to discuss what options they chose that the On Call representative went over with them. Answers any questions about our support services they have, and once they decide what they would like for support, you will start the planning process.
  • Contact Marti for memorial cards - she can email them for details needed.
  • If they want molds, you will set up a time to make those with the funeral home/hospital.
  • Contact Funeral Lead about urns/casket assistant if they chose those services.
  • Contact Funeral Lead for planning their luncheon with amount of people and food requests.
  • Contact Funeral Lead with any special request for funeral service: flowers, theme, wishing tree, slideshow, music.Check in with them every few days to see how they are doing, as they are going through so much, reassure them that they are not alone, and you are there to help them through this.
  • All training and resources provided.

URGENT NEED - Angel Gown Seamstresses:

We are currently in desperate need of local seamstresses who would like to make our special Angel Gowns.  This program is only available thanks to our dedicated volunteers who will take the time to make these special gowns for our angels. (Patterns available, or you can design and make your own.)  Email us for more information about this program!

Funeral Planner:
This position would be best for someone who can be available during the day, as funeral services occur during the daytime hours. 
  • Works directly with Case Manager & Luncheon Lead about coordinating all the funeral specifics to coordinate their theme.
  • Contacts our Florist about any flowers needed.
  • Picks up any decor needed to fit the theme and make it personalized: balloons, crafts, photo boards, wishing tree, etc.
  • Works with volunteers to put their theme together, has volunteers blowing up balloons and handing them out at funeral service.
  • All training and resources provided.
Luncheon Lead:
This position would be best for someone who is available during the day, as funeral services are during the day time hours.
  • Works directly with Case Manager & Funeral Planner to make sure that the family has what they need for their luncheon.
  • Gathers food for service, along with supplies for serving it (plates, napkins, silverware, drink ware, roasters, etc.)
  • All training and resources provided.