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families through the loss of a child 

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Carter's CuddleCot Campaign for Westfield's Hospital

A Mother will never get over losing her child.

Doesn't matter how long...

or how old the child was...

or how they died.

She lives with this pain 

every moment of her life.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Carter's CuddleCot Campaign & making it possible for this donation to give the gift of time to families who suffer a loss at Westfield's in New Richmond, Wisconsin!

It was almost 18 years ago, when our lives were forever changed. Our unborn son, Carter, was diagnosed with Triploidy. Triploidy is a rare chromosome abnormality, that is not compatible with life. It's fatal. It's an entire extra set of all of the chromosomes. Most babies miscarry early in the pregnancy, and those few that remain are usually stillborn.  It was a tough pregnancy, but I chose to continue my pregnancy. I fought hard, Carter  fought harder.  Against anything the doctors had heard, Carter was born alive.  We had 3 days to spend with our baby boy, we spent as much time with him as we could. We held him, loved him, and  talked to him. I can't tell you how important that bonding time was for us.  Nothing can prepare you to say goodbye.... nothing.  We were alone in our diagnosis,  we were alone in our grief.  Of course we had family and friends, but there were no grief support groups, nobody to help parents dealing with this type of loss, and certainly no Halos of St. Croix Valley.

Halos of St. Croix Valley- Kelli and Marti, (both moms that have lost a baby) along with a handful of volunteers raise money, to help families dealing with the loss of a child. Anything from pictures, foot and hand molds, memorials, funeral luncheons, helping plan the funeral,  grief support, and anything else you can think of.  I have recently joined the volunteers of Halos to help raise awareness, assist how I can, and help in the fundraising for this amazing group.

Halos has recently purchased and donated a few CuddleCots to some of the local hospitals. A CuddleCot is a small cooling system that sits inside of a bassinet, brought into the room, that allows families to spend more precious time with their baby after he or she has passed away. The cooling system helps slow down the natural changes that take place in death, allowing the baby stay in the room with the family the entire hospital stay if the family desires. While we know this isn't everyone's choice, it is a wonderful option that allows friends and family to meet the baby, that may have otherwise not been able to. 

Over the last 18 years, I've been contacted by many Triploidy families across the world.  I've had friends and family members experience the loss of a child at all different ages. As hard as I try, I can't make the pain go away, I can't make it easier for any of them, but if I can help just one family to have just a little more time to say good-bye, then that is what I want to do.

I would like to raise enough money to purchase a cuddle cot in memory of Carter, and donate it to Westfield's Hospital. Even though he wasn't born at Westfield's Hospital  (in New Richmond, WI)  that is where his big twin brothers Jake and Ryan were born.  That is where his little sister Heidi was born. Throughout our entire pregnancy journeys, Dr. Hanson has always been very supportive and compassionate.  I couldn't have asked for better care.   The care I did receive while in the hospital where I delivered Carter, was not the best however. It was there that my little sister Mindy declared she was going to be a nurse, and be the best nurse ever. Now, 18 years later she is a nurse, and has worked at Westfield's hospital for several years, she is THE BEST NURSE EVER!  So in Memory of Carter, and all of the Triploidy babies that have gone to Heaven, I want to do this. To honor Dr. Hanson and my little sister Mindy Milich, I want to do this for Westfield's Hospital.

Please help me raise the $3000 needed for a CuddleCot for Westfield's Hospital. I'm not using other fundraising methods, because they take a portion of the funds raised. Please help me to help other families be able to spend more time with their babies after they've passed away. We know personally how special and precious that time is. We'll never forget the time we had with Carter.

Thank you for helping me honor my son & give families the "gift of time",


Carter's Mommy

To donate in honor of Carter to help Westfield's Hospital receive this special CuddleCot use the "Donate" button to the left.